She is a daughter
woman, mother, niece, sister, wife, friend

She is a daughter
woman, mother, niece, sister, wife, friend


Alexa is a human

How can i help?


How can you help? 

Read our letter to Amazon from the link above

  1.  If you own a device, change the wake name to Amazon, computer, or any non human name that you choose
  2. Message your local radio/tv station. 
  3. Message Amazon 
  4.  Share this site with friends, share again
  5.  Do not post "Alexa, ... (play or complete task) "followed by servant requests on social media. Although most people don't realize, it's truly offensive
  6. The device is NOT called Alexa, stop referring to it as Alexa, this will create change.  Call it Amazon, Computer, etc. 

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Every time we have shared our story, the response is "I never realized, wow you're right." We know it's not intentional.  We need to raise awareness and force change. Share, share, and share again!

  • To any parent that has named a child, please help us! Put yourselves in our shoes, hers. 

Have you ever been teased or bullied so badly that you cringe when you hear your own name?

You may think that you are not included or affected by this if you do not know someone named Alexa.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  She's at work, she's at your child's school, she's walking by you in the store as you refer to a servant machine in your home as herself.  It's devastating.

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#givebackhername, #forcechange #Alex

For Businesses

For Business

Amazon for Business - Do not use Alexa as the wake name, use Echo etc. 

Read our letter to Amazon from the link above

Partnerships with companies from thermostats to refrigerators, to cable providers, to home security, to smoke detectors. Please continue your partnership without the wake name.  Do the right thing.  Stop offending us. 

Diversity and inclusion teams have been in place for years, why are we going backward? 

You may have an employee named Alexa, or maybe it's your employee's sister or daughter's name.  You are offending her every time it pops up on a home screen or is played in office.  

She/He hasn't gathered the courage to stand up yet.   She's cringing every time.  He's afraid he'll look too sensitive.

Again, we are not against the device, just the wake name that brings us back to the turn of the century.  Women have voices. 

Amazon provides a great product and service, it's an unintentional mistake. 

Business, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies are beginning to use this for employees and patients.  Please help us change the wake name and avoid offending and hurting countless people.

media/network stations


We are not here to discourage Amazon or it's reputation, we simply want to stop the wake name

Replace any radio or television advertisements with an alternative wake name, i.e. Computer.

Please share our story.  We cannot express how important share of voice will be in this journey

Read our letter to Amazon from the link above

#Amazonchangethewakename, #forcechange, #givebackhername

Our mission

While you may not have a daughter named Alexa, there is a girl at your child's school, or a woman in your workplace, or a friend, or someone in your neighborhood.  Although it may not seem like you are affected, the public  is accidentally bullying her with the constant exposure to the device

Kids should be kids without constant worry

Thank you for taking 5 min to read our letter.   We are raising awareness for our daughter and for all girls and women.  We believe that Amazon is a great company that made a giant mistake. We would like Amazon to change the wake name for the Echo and all devices and repair the damage it has done


Close the deal


Give customers a reason to do business with you.

About us

Additional Information

We are a family looking to raise awareness and help the public understand how using the wake name Alexa for any device is hurting us and countless others. 

We are not in any way helicopter parents - far from it.   We began this journey thinking that it was a quick fad and gave our daughter Alexa ways to stop the bullying.  We are not looking for financial gain from this, only change.  Please take the time to read our letter and share it on social media.

Imagine your child is being bullied but you can't help them.  Imagine if the bullying continues from school, to home, to the car, and to stores, and you can't find a safe place.  just imagine.

What we have done

Contact Amazon

written a letter to amazon





Joined social media to spread the message

Facebook, Twitter, etc.  

If you would like to help, please share

We have only just begun this journey to change.  Please help us by sharing our story.  We cannot do this without the share of voice from you

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