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We began as family looking to raise awareness and help the public understand how using the wake name Alexa for any device is hurting us and countless others.  We have evolved into a worldwide organization working toward change.  

My husband and I are not in any way “helicopter parents“- far from it.   We began this journey thinking that the technology would be a quick fad and gave our daughter Alexa ways to stop the bullying.   We have helped her to build resiliency, and firmly believe in her using her own voice in most situations. We never expected her to be bullied in public by complete strangers.  We knew this was different.  Then we met countless others with heartbreaking stories.   We are not looking for financial gain from this, only change.  Please take the time to read our letter and share it on social media.

Imagine your child is being bullied but you can’t help them.  Imagine if the bullying continues from school, to home, to the car, and to stores, and you can’t find a safe place.  Imagine it evolves into complete strangers continually bullying your child in public.  just imagine.   We don’t have to. 

This Is My Story

My story began with a letter to Amazon for  my  daughter.  It has unfolded  into  a worldwide issue  of ethics, bullying, harassment, sexism, and corporate responsibility.  Teens are dealing with suicidal ideation as a result of the wake name.  Today, we are an organization mission to create change.   

Interview at Project Voice, Chattanooga TN! Honored to be welcomed into this voice community for this conference.  A truly outstanding group of people, thank you. – Lauren Johnson, Founder

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