Alexa is Human

Wake Up: The Truth About Alexa

Both true personal stories & professional field experts worldwide sharing the impact that the Alexa wake word has had. Fields include technology, education, phycology, and more. Young children, teens, & women experiencing severe bullying, sexual harassment, name changes, suicidal ideation, and identity erasure. We will discuss corporate ethics and responsibility, name bombardment, and the choice to use a human name for technology.

Episode 1

Intro with Daniel Hill of Daniel Hill Media and host of Instagram Stories interviews Lauren Johnson, Founder of Alexa is a Human

Episode 2

True personal story of a family who made the difficult decision to change their young child's name. Michelle is both and educator and parent living in the U.K.

Episode 3

Julie Davis Daniels of the Voice in Education podcast. Julie is an instructional technologist helping educators see the value in adding technology into the educational environment.

Episode 4

Maggie, a wife and mother of three, shares her story of her daughter (formally called Alexa), and the painful reasons why their family decided to change their daughter's beautiful name. Maggie is an intelligent, quit witted, and caring person who did not make this decision lightly.

Episode 5

Exciting Podcast! BBC with Jeremy Vine and Tim Johns - with permission from BBC - This segment only

Episode 6

For the first time, we hear what it has been like for an adult Alexa who has had this name for many years. Alexa a mom of two, who also has a career, shares with us what it is like to introduce herself at work and complete simple tasks such as ordering take-out.

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